Nikon EF/Nice•Touch series

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One of the many confusing ranges of compact cameras from Nikon is the EF or Nice•Touch series. These point and shoot cameras had fixed focus wide angle lenses. Models are listed chronologically below.

  • Nikon EF100/Nice•Touch 2 (35mm/4.5, 1993)
  • Nikon EF200/Nice•Touch 3 (31mm/5.6, 1995)
  • Nikon EF300/Nice•Touch 4 (29mm/4.5, 1997)
  • Nikon EF400SV/Nice•Touch 5 (QD) (28mm, Super Viewfinder, 1999)
  • Nikon Nice•Touch 6 (35mm f/6.3, US only, 2000)
  • Nikon EF500SV (QD) (28mm, Super Viewfinder, self-timer, 2002)