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Nikomat (within Japan) and Nikkormat (elsewhere) is a brand name used by Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō (later renamed Nikon) in the late 1960s and early 1970s for two kinds of SLR cameras that were cheaper than those sold as "Nikon". (One model, the EL2, was sold as Nikon within Japan.)

Mechanical-shutter models

Nikomat/Nikkormat FT: Introduced in 1965. Original Nikomat body with averaging metering (like the Nikon F Photomic T). No shutter speed display in viewfinder, meter needle brackets are thin without "+" and "-" markings, and the meter is manually indexed against the film speed.

Nikomat/Nikkormat FS: Introduced in 1965. Non-metered version of above. No mirror lockup.

Nikomat/Nikkormat FTN: Introduced in 1967, is an updated FT with the classic Nikon centerweighted metering pattern, semi-automatic indexing, redesigned meter needle with "+" and "−" on brackets in viewfinder. Signified by "N" above external meter window. Early examples have FT style shutter release without threads for AR-1 or AR-2, take-up spool with white shroud (same as FT and FS), and the meter coupling pin only goes to f/22. Around 1969, the FTn got the threaded shutter release, FT2 style take-up spool, and f/32 compatibility. In 1971, the back gained a guide roller for the film transport mechanism. At the same time, the A screen became an option. Sometime around mid-1972, the mirror box was redesigned to get rid of the rattle that the earlier Nikomat bodies produced when fired. At the same time, the later strap lugs were added. About a year later, the FTn received a makeover with some of the FT2 cosmetics, FT2 leatherette, and eventually, the K focusing screen.

Nikomat/Nikkormat FT2: Introduced in 1975. Updated FTn with hot shoe, threaded synch contact, lock on shutter speed tab for ASA dial, black tipped depth-of-field preview button and lens release button. Font on nameplate changed to EL style. Black nameplate made out of plastic with built-in spacers, instead of the older metal plate with brass spacers. External meter window gains "+" and "−" markings. 1.5 volt battery (V76PX, instead of V625PX used in FTn) with smaller battery box. A or K focusing screen, instead of J screen of earlier bodies. Later examples in the lower 53xxxxx range and in the 54xxxxx range, serial-wise, gained the FT3-style ASA index.

Nikomat/Nikkormat FT3: Introduced in 1977. AI version of FT2. The Nikon FM would be similar, minus mirror lockup but with a motor drive coupling and a newer CdS meter.

One interesting thing about the FT series Nikomats (and FM): 1/125th is actually 1/100th. Perhaps the Copal Square S shutter couldn't reliably fire a flash at 1/125th, so they knocked it down to 1/100th.

Electronic-shutter models

Nikomat/Nikkormat EL: Introduced in 1972. Aperture-priority automatic exposure camera, with CdS cell meter.

Nikomat/Nikkormat ELW: Introduced in 1975. Black version of EL, with secondary power switch around shutter release, plus contacts for AW-1 autowinder.

Nikon EL2: SPD metering cells, 8 second slow shutter speed, AI coupling, etc. Still runs off a PX28, and still uses the AW-1. Replaced by the Nikon FE.