Nettel (strut-folding)

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The Nettel is a strut-folding plate camera with a focal-plane shutter, made by Nettel Camerawerk; the camera was introduced in 1903, while the company was still called Süddeutsches Camerawerk Körner und Mayer.[1] It is very similar to the later Deckrullo-Nettel strut-folders, with the same strut system, allowing focusing by adjustable strut extension, with a built-in focus scale, in addition to ground-glass focusing, horizontal and vertical movements of the lens board, and a frame finder. It has, however, a more primitive focal-plane shutter than the Deckrullo-Nettel, that is not self-capping, so that care must be taken not to tension the shutter with the dark slide removed.

Two stereo models were made. Like the mono cameras, these differ from the stereo Deckrullo-Nettel models in the shutter.

The camera was made in many plate sizes (McKeown lists the Deckrullo-Nettel in all the same sizes except for 4x5 inch[1]):

  • 6 or 6.5x9 cm[2]
  • 3¼x4¼ inch (quarter plate)
  • 9x12 cm[3]
  • 4x5 inch
  • 10x15 cm
  • 4¼*6½ inch (half plate)
  • 13x18 cm
  • Stereo models
    • 9x14 cm
    • 9x18 cm

The cameras were retained as Zeiss Ikon model 870 after the merger in 1926. There is also a miniature model for 4.5x6cm plates or film, which has only been seen as a Zeiss Ikon camera. This has a dual focusing scale (one scale for plates, one for film).[4]


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