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Negra Industrial SA was a photographic goods company in Barcelona which made some cameras, and imported others for sale under its own brand. The company was formed in 1960, and was in existence until quite recently, registering new credit in 2015.[1]

Negra produced Negrapan black-and-white film (certainly Negrapan NP21 (21 DIN; ISO 100), and perhaps other speeds),[2] and Nera Color colour negative film,[3] as well as Negtor Enebrom printing paper. Negra also sold cine projectors made by a Japanese company named Takita, according to notes on these at Filmkorn.[4]


  • Nera 35[5]
  • Nera 35/S (as pictured here)
  • Nerasport 3x4 (127 film)[6]
  • Nerasport 4x4 (127 film)[6]

Both of the Nera 35 compact 35mm viewfinder cameras have a Speed Acrinar lens. G Even estimates the date of the Nera 35 as 1965-70. These were apparently made by Negra (or at least in Spain): the base of the camera is embossed 'Made in Spain' and the lens/shutter barrel is printed with 'Fabricado en España'.

Notes at Prontor 500 point out that the Nerasport cameras are exact copies of the Dacora Digna 44 (also sold as the Ilford Sporti 4; Camera-wiki contributor Alf Sigaro suggests that the Nerasports were also made by Dacora,[7] though unlike the Ilford cameras they are not marked for Dacora at all, nor marked 'Made in Western Germany'. In the examples shown at Prontor 500, the cameras are marked 'Nerasport', 'Crown glass lens', '127 Roll-film' and '3x4 amateur' or '4x4 amateur', all on the front face of the lens/shutter unit. They have a single shutter speed, and two apertures.

The notes at Filmkorn date the Neramatic film projectors to the mid- to late 1970s.


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