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NPC (Newton Plastics Corporation) was a photo products manufacturer based in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. It is no longer active. The name is most associated with a series of backs permitting the use of Polaroid instant peel-apart film with a variety of medium-format camera bodies; this was a vital feature in allowing professional photographers to confirm lighting, composition and exposure on the spot (rather than discovering a problem too late, after the conventional film was developed).

The specialized NPC instant Proback used a fiber-optic plate to transfer the image from a 35mm film camera onto instant film (two exposures could be fitted onto one print)—an invention created by the legendary Marty Forscher (Professional Camera Repair, New York)[1]. This was a great improvement over the ungainly Speed Magny which had previously been offered for Nikon pro 35mm bodies. The Proback technology was adapted to other camera models where it was not physically possible to put the instant film at the focal plane, for example the Mamiya 6 and Mamiya 7.

NPC also made a complete folding camera for instant film, the NPC 195, offering rangefinder focus and Tominon 114mm f/4.5 lens. This nicely-finished camera permits full manual exposure control, with apertures from f/4.5–32 and a flash synchronized Copal #0 shutter ranging from 1/500 to 1 second.

The NPC 195 was the basis for the Japanese-market special edition Polaroid Model 185 in 2000. Not long after this, the NPC company ceased operations.



  • NPC 195 camera (professional collapsing rangefinder camera for instant film
  • MF-10 NPC Microscope Camera
  • NPC Screenshooter (600, 35mm)

Polaroid backs

  • MF-1 Hasselblad (500CM, 503CX, 2000FCM, 2003FCW)
  • MF-2 Hasselblad (553ELX, 903SWC, 500CM, 503CX, 2003FCW, 2000FC/M)
  • MF-3 Mamiya RB67
  • MF-4 Mamiya RZ67
  • MF-5 Bronica ETR/SI
  • MF-6 (600/SX70) Mamiya RB67
  • MF-14 Bronica SQ
  • MF-15 Bronica GS-1
  • MF-16 Fuji GX680
  • MF-17 Mamiya 645 Super / Pro
  • MF-21 Pentax 6x7
  • MF-22 Mamiya 7
  • MF-23 Fuji 690 GWIII, 690 GSWIII
  • MF-24 Pentax 645
  • MF-32 (4x5 sheet) Mamiya RZ67
  • MF-33 (4x5 sheet) Mamiya RB67
  • MF-35 (4x5 sheet) Polaroid 600 SE, Miniportrait 203 / 403
  • MF-36 (4x5 sheet) Fuji GX680
  • MF-52 (4x5 pack) Hasselblad (500CM, 503CX, 2000FCM, 2003FCW)
  • MF-212 Pentax 67II

Proback II

  • Canon F1
  • Canon T90
  • Canon EOS 620, 630, 650, RT
  • Canon A1, AE1
  • Canon EOS-1
  • Canon EOS-1 (with booster)
  • Contax RTS III
  • Leica R4, R5, R6, R7
  • Leica R8
  • Minolta X-370 & 570
  • Minolta XD11
  • Minolta Maxxum 9000
  • Minolta 7000I & 8000i
  • Minolta 7xi, 9xi
  • Minolta Maxxum 7000
  • Nikon FE, FM, FE2, FM2
  • Nikon F3
  • Nikon F
  • Nikon FA
  • Nikon 2020
  • Nikon 8008, 8000s
  • Nikon N90
  • Nikon F4
  • Nikon F5 (no focus control)
  • Nikon F5FC (with focus control)
  • Olympus OM-1, OM-2,OM-3, OM-4


  • Prohead
  • Prohead QR