Motormarine II

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Sea & Sea followed up on their Motormarine 35 SE underwater camera with the Motormarine II in 1989[1]. Improvements included a unified single watertight/lightproof rear door for the film compartment, a factory-standard electrical port for external strobes, and a redesigned, taller viewfinder. The scale focus control also incorporates a close-up position, adding a built-in supplementary lens to focus at a much closer 50 cm or 20 inch distance. A new bayonet fitting around the 35mm f/3.5 lens allows the attachment of wide-angle and macrophoto accessory lenses while submerged, with optical designs that take into account the refraction of the water within the bayonet mount.

Two AA batteries to power metering, flash, and autowind are fitted through a watertight door on the bottom of the camera. The camera reads film DX coding although only for 100, or 400 film. When a suitable Sea & Sea external strobe is fitted, the camera uses TTL exposure metering to control the flash pulse.

In 1995 this model was slightly revised as the Motormarine II EX, which added a shutter-speed selector on its top panel, offering four speeds from 1/15 to 1/125 seconds.