Monte 35

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The Monte 35 (the actual cameras are engraved Monte-35 or MONTE35) was a fine viewfinder camera made by the Japanese camera maker Shinsei Optical Works since 1952. The later model was called Monte 35A, and had the shutter release on top instead at the lens tube. The camera had a self-timer.

Specifications (35A)

  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Shinsei Optical Works
  • Year of launch: 1953
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens: Monte Anastigmat 1:3.5/50mm, 4 elements
  • Shutter: leaf-shutter with speeds 1 sec. to 1/200 sec. plus S mode, K mode and K/B-mode
  • Dimensions : 73 × 123 × 57mm
  • Weight: 500 g.


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