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Miyagawa Seisakusho (宮川製作所) was a Japanese company from as early as 1935. It made the Picny 3×4 camera and the Boltax and Bolty cameras using Bolta film. It is called Miyagawa Seiundō (宮川星雲堂) in the April 1943 government inquiry on Japanese camera production; its address at the time was Tōkyō-to Nakano-ku Kami-chō 131 (東京都中野区上町131).[1]

The company survived the war. It perhaps made the Silver, a continuation of the Boltax with auto-stop advance. In 1948, it released the Picny B, a redesigned camera taking Bolta film. The Picny 35 and Royal 35 were derivatives taking perforated 35mm film. Miyagawa perhaps also made other cameras called Royal before disappearing.

Camera list

Bolta film

35mm film

127 film

The Royal Senior is related to the Royal 35 and was perhaps made by Miyagawa.

120 film

The Royal Junior is certainly related to the Royal Senior and was perhaps made by Miyagawa.


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