Mithra 47

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The Mithra 47 is a metal-bodied box camera for 6×9 cm exposures on 120 film, made in 1947 in Switzerland. It may have been made by Agfa Schweiz (Agfa Switzerland);[1] however, McKeown lists it and one earlier model (the simpler and squarer Mithra 46, from 1946) under 'Mithra', with no company details,[2] and it would be unusual for Agfa to have produced a camera without the company name. It has an achromat lens (i.e. two elements, to reduce chromatic aberration relative to a simple meniscus), and 'I' and 'B' shutter, selected by a pull-tab below the shutter release. It has two aperture settings, f/8 and f/11 (the lever above the shutter release).[3] The brilliant finder rotates (by twisting the knurled surround of the front lens) for use in portrait and landscape orientation. The camera has no tripod bush.

It was available in more than one colour.[1]


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