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After the 1976 bankruptcy of the historical Miranda Camera Company, its brand name was recycled by British retailer Dixons for various house-brand camera equipment. The Miranda MS-1 and Miranda MS-1 Super are two models of 35mm SLR offered in the early 1980s, simply being rebadged versions of the Cosina CT1G and Cosina CT1 Super, respectively. The MS-1 lacks a self-timer and its top shutter speed is limited to 1/1000 sec., while the "Super" offers 1/2000. The model badging has been observed in a few different styles.

The Miranda MS-1N has a 1/2000 second top shutter speed, but lacks the self-timer of the "Super"; it is slightly restyled and was apparently sold in graphite grey only. It appears to be a rebadging of the closely-related Cosina CT1EX.

Both feature Pentax K lens mounts, and manual exposure settings using a three-LED meter display at the side of the viewfinder illuminated with a half press on the shutter release. Two LR44 or SR44 cells power the meter circuit, but the mechanical shutter functions at all speeds without battery power. The camera's shutter and meter circuit are locked until the film wind lever is pulled outwards to its standoff position.


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