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The 1963 Miranda F was the first of the "modernised lever winders", comprising the F/FM, G, and Fv.

The models used the chassis of the previous DR (the last of the "lever winders" comprising the A, B, C, D/DR), and were designed to accept new lenses with an internal automatic diaphragm coupling. The camera body retained the previous series' front of body shutter release button used in conjunction with earlier PAD lenses. The F also introduced a new speed selector dial, which did not have a separated high and low speed selection, and didn't spin when the shutter was released. The F gained an optional screw-in, top-plate located shutter release button facility, via a cable release port.

There were four variations of the F, and later variations were introduced to accommodate new metering accessories, and/or newer lens designs.

  • 1963-64 F/FB, with a fixed shutter speed dial, top speed of 1/1000th sec, and body mounted DOF preview switch.
  • 1964-67 FM/FMB, with a removable shutter speed dial to accommodate a clip-on light meter.
  • 1967-69 Fv, which resembled the FM but accepted newer lenses with a built-in DOF button (and so lacked the body-mounted preview switch).
  • 1967-69 F, which was like the Fv but had a lower top speed of 1/500th sec.

B models had a black finish.

A bulky direct measurement meter accessory was available for the F. This clipped to and around the non-removable shutter speed dial.

The FM's removable shutter speed dial to allow the attachment of a new and smaller direct measurement meter. Briefly, this device coupled the meter to the shutter speed dial spindle, and incorporated a substitute meter-housed speed adjustment mechanism. It fitted neatly over the user's right side of the top-plate, following the lines of the camera with no overhang.