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The Miranda 35mm SLR camera developed very comprehensively over the twenty years of production. There is a wide proliferation of overlapping features with changes in models and ranges. Lenses, viewfinders, and other accessories have varying degrees of compatibility.

The design of the first Mirandas (T, TII, S, and ST) appears to be modeled on the classic Kine Exakta, with some important improvements. The basic mount appeared, which was to be unchanged for almost every subsequent camera. The lens mount, at 44mm, was wider than most, and further back towards the film plane, to accommodate as many lenses as possible from other makes. The mount provided both an external bayonet and an internal screw thread.

This design remained unchanged through models T, ST, A, AII, B, C, D, DR, and S. All cameras had a front shutter release, which allowed the mounting of lenses with an external automatic diaphragm (known as a Pressure Automatic Diaphragm or PAD). Pressing the release button on the lens arm closed down the diaphragm and then further pressure pushed the camera shutter release. The same mechanism can be found on all classic Exakta models, although there the shutter release is on the left-hand side of the camera. The models T, ST, and S came with preset screw mount lenses; all the others offered a bayonet mount PAD lens as standard in most markets.

A major Miranda feature was the interchangeable viewfinder system. The viewfinder mount for the T was continued through to the DR, and further into the F and later cameras. Waist-level and magnifying finders were added. Various screens were built into the camera bodies, but none were user interchangeable except the later model G.

None of the early cameras supported metering, and all had revolving shutter dials.

The first family (1956 to 1959) were the knob winders (comprising the Miranda T, TII, S, and ST). They had no meters, a non-return mirror, and pre-set lenses (non-auto diaphragm) with a 44mm screw mount. All these models had tall film advance knobs.

The second generation (1958 to 1962) were the lever winders (comprising the Miranda A, AII, B, C, D, and DR). They mainly differed from the previous generation by having a lever-operated film advance.

The Miranda A is a 35mm film SLR camera introduced in 1958. It was the first of the lever-winders. It lacked an instant return mirror (which was introduced in the Miranda B). The Miranda AII was available in the same year but appears to have featured very modest styling changes.