Minolta Riva Zoom 105

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The Riva Zoom 105 is a full featured compact 35mm film camera from Minolta of Japan. It was also sold as the Freedom Zoom Orion.

It has a 38 to 105mm zoom lens at f/4.6 to f/11.8. It has a minimum focus distance is 1 meter. The electronic flash has four shooting modes, Auto, Auto redeye, On and Off. There are various shooting modes including self-timer with a delay of 10 seconds. Portrait mode, continuous drive which can capture 1 frame per second with the flash off, double exposure, bulb mode which can be used for up to 60 seconds, landscape / night, and interval mode which can capture photos every 10sec to 60 minutes until the roll is finished. The viewfinder has a handy diopter adjustment from -3 to +1. DX encoded films can be used in speeds of 50 to 3200 ISO. The film automatically rewinds after the end of the roll. Mid-roll rewind is also possible. It is powered by a single CR123A battery located on the right hand grip area. The power lasts approx 20 rolls. The base has a tripod mount.

A quartz date model is also available. Imprinting modes include Year Month Day, Day Time (24hr), Off, Month Day Year, and Day Month Year. The last usable year at 2019.