Minolta Panorama Zoom 28

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The Panorama Zoom 28 by Minolta is a well made and well equipped full automatic compact camera for 35mm film.

It features a 28-70mm f/3.5-8.4 auto focus zoom lens as well as a panorama switch. This switch puts a mask over the film plane to crop it into a panorama wide ratio, see pictures below. On the backside of the camera you can find a switch for infinity shots and macro shots. Several options for flash use, like fill-in and red-eye reduction, are available. Film speed is set automatically by DX encoding, transport and rewind are motorized.

Besides a self-timer there's also a data imprinting function, powered separately by a CR2025 battery.

Minolta Panorama Zoom 28
images by René Maly (Image rights)