Minolta Hi-Matic AF2-M

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In 1982 Minolta updated the Hi-Matic AF2 with motorized film advance. The camera needs two AA batteries and uses 35mm film. Film has to be inserted like into a non-motorized camera. Film speed has to be set manually by means of the grooved wheel around the lens opening. Under that wheel but within the filter thread is the window of the CdS meter which controls the camera's exposure program. The manual controls are the ASA film speed setting-wheel, the self-timer cocking lever and the "flash-on" shifter which releases flash to pop up into a higher position. Beside the ocular of the reverse Galilean bright frame finder with parallax marks is the "flash-ready" signal lamp. Inside the finder two LEDs indicate wether the autofocus focuses far or near. Above the lens tube are the two upright windows of the active infrared autofocus. A tone generator buzzes when the image subject is too near for the f2.8 38mm lens or when the flash is needed. Quite uncommon is the very little size of the self-timer cocking lever below the self-timer signal LED.

Most important: After loading batteries and film the camera is idle for use as point and shoot camera or very simple autofocus compact camera. Its shutter release button is ever-ready until the film is full. Then it will not be rewinded automatically: A traditional rewind unlock button in the bottom has to be pressed, and then the film "rewind" shifter has to be used to activate the motorized film rewind.