Minolta Riva 35 ST

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The Minolta Riva 35 ST, known as the Freedom Holiday in America, is a basic fixed-focus compact camera released as the successor to the Minolta Riva 35 in 1992. Its main additions to its predecessor is variable shutter speeds and a self-timer. It has a built-in flash and a sliding cover for the lens. A dateback version was also available.


  • Lens: 35 mm f/4,5.
  • Shutter: Behind-the-lens mechanical shutter, 1/35–1/100 s.
  • Focus: Fixed focus from 1,5 m to infinity.
  • Exposure: f/4,5–11,1
  • Flash: Built-in, automatically activated. Range: 1,5–2,8 m. Flash ready LED indicator.
  • Film speed: DX coded films from ISO 100 to 400. Non-DX films exposed as ISO 100.
  • Film transport: Automatic advance and rewind.
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries. CR2025 cell for date back.
  • Dimensions: 121 x 68 x 49 mm.
  • Weight: 175 g without batteries.