Minolta Freedom Escort

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This small lightweight compact camera by Minolta dates from around 1991. It has autofocus and a couple of flash modes, but it would be of little interest if it weren't for the fact that it is a close cousin of the Leica Mini II. With a glass lens allegedly manufactured by Minolta and electronics by Matsushita to specifications demanded by Leitz/Leica, this camera was also marketed as the Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini. The lens is very sharp for such an unassuming little camera.

Minolta Riva Mini was an alternate name. In Japan, it was called the Minolta Pico. A quartzdate (QD) model was also available.


  • Lens: 34mm, f/3.5 (four elements in three groups) which slides out and retracts electronically but has no zooming capability.
  • Built-in flash has auto, red-eye reduction and forced on/off modes.
  • DX-coded film with autowind.
  • Power: CR123A battery.