Minolta F25

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The Minolta F25 is a basic fixed focus 35mm viewfinder camera made in China for Minolta. The Minolta AF25 is a similar specified camera but with autofocus.

The F25 has a plastic 35mm lens, a fixed aperture of f/6.3 and a fixed shutter speed of 1/125. Minolta claim a focal range of 1.3m to infinity and the viewfinder has frame lines with parallax markings. The camera automatically triggers the built-in flash when light falls too low. This has a range of 1.3-2.5m.

The camera has DX coding allowing it to separate 400 ISO and 100/200 ISO film. The camera has motorwind but for rewinding requires manual use of a switch on base. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

A data back version (pictured) was available. As the year goes from 00 to 50 suggesting the camera was sold in the early few years of the 21st century. It is powered by a CR2025 battery.