Minolta Dynax 650si / Maxxum 650si

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The Minolta Dynax 650si is basically the 600si with a couple of additional features. It is known as the Maxxum 650si Date in the Americas or Alpha 507si in Japan.

It adds a 'panorama' feature which does little but place a mask of the film plane to make the resulting image narrower than standard 35mm frame. This feature was add to some cameras during the 90's in an attempt to narrow the feature differences between 35mm and the then popular APS film format. The 650si also adds a data back as standard. You might not need or use either of these features but if you can't find a 600si for decent money look for the less well-known 650si. As of January 2005 secondhand prices seem to range from $75-$200 for a 650si body depending upon condition and seller/retailer.