Minolta Dynax 40

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The Dynax 40 was introduced by Minolta in 2004 as a basic consumer level SLR for 35mm film. In tetraphobic countries it was sold as the Dynax 30. In other regions was also sold as the Maxxum 50 and the α-50.

Although it was described as basic, the camera was packed with pre-programmed settings for portrait, landscape, night-portrait, macro and sports. Besides these comfort choices the photographer could also choose for aperture priority, shutter priority and a full manual mode.

Shutter speeds range from 30sec. to 1/2000sec. and the flash is synced at 1/90sec. The camera was equipped with a small pop-up flash besides the usual Minolta hot-shoe for larger flashes.

It was usually sold with the AF kit lens 28-100mm f/3.5-5.6 as shown in the picture.

Once this was one of the smallest and lightest (335gr) full-spec SLR cameras available. It is powered by two CR2 batteries.