Minolta DiMAGE E223

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The Minolta DiMAGE E223 is a digital camera made in China for Minolta. It has a 6.2-18.8mm f2,9-6,9 Minolta zoom lens and above that lens an optical viewfinder. The zoom viewfinder shows a decreased image except at maximum focal length where the viewfinder image is scaled 1:1. The camera has a 1/2,7" RGB-CCD-Chip with 2.000.000 pixels and makes images in format 1600x1200 pixels.

Controls are the release button on top, 6 buttons on the back, a two-way button for zoom control, and a selection wheel for the basic modes video, programs mode, normal automatic mode, image review mode, setup menu, and PC connection. The programs- and selftimer-mode offers choice of special modes by the menu navigation buttons: Selftimer mode and programs portrait, night portrait, macro, landscape. There's one button for flash mode selection and another for white balance selection (WB modes auto, sun, cloudy, light bulb, neon light). A LED at the ocular shows green light when the release button is pressed halfways and the autofocus has found distance of the image's centre. The LED gives yellow light when the camera is not yet ready, or red light when it has a problem. The fine 62.000 pixel TFT color LCD screen can be used as alternate viewfinder but must be activated thru screen button or by any mode change button.

The camera needs two AA batteries as power source and can use old SD cards as image memory add-on to its internal 8 MB memory.

Inside the camera had a COACH 5 digital camera processor from Silicon Valley's Zoran Corporation.