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The Minolta Auto Meter Professional and Auto Meter II are calculator dial exposure meters. They look very similar to most other meters but the calculator dial is unique. With a press of the measure button the calculator dial rotates automatically.

The Auto Meter III was the first fully electronic version with LCD display and measurement-result memory.

The Auto Meter series was succeeded in 1983 by the Minolta Auto Meter F series which extended functionality of the Auto Meters to flash exposure measuring.


  • Ten-degree viewfinder 10 degree (reflected light)
  • Flat diffuser (illuminance)
  • 4× and 8× spherical ND diffuser
  • Mini receptor (incident light; macro)
  • Spot Mask II (enlarger)


Auto Meter specs

Auto Meter Professional Auto Meter II Auto Meter III
measuring system incident; reflected (with opt attachment)
measuring element CdS silicon photo diode silicon photo diode
measuring range incident low -3 to 7EV; high 7 to 17EV -2.4 to 19EV
measuring range reflected low 0 to 10EV; high 10 to 20EV 1 to 22.5EV
accuracy +-0.1EV
film speed ISO: 6 to 25,000
DIN: 9 to 45
ASA 12 to 6400
Cine 8 to 128 fps
EV -7 to 25EV -8 to 25EV -5.4 to 28.5EV
aperture f1 to f90 f0.7 to f64
shutter speed 2 hr. to 1/8000 sec. 30 min to 1/2000 sec.
power 1x 6v silver oxide PX28 1x 6v alkaline 4LR44
weight 300g 270g 150g