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The Mikronette is a viewfinder camera for 16 mm film, made by Optikotechna in Prerov in the Czech Republic (at that time, in German-occupied Czechoslovakia: because of the occupation, the camera is engraved with the town's German name, Prerau).[1] It was made in about 1944,[2] and is very clearly the predecessor of the better-known Mikroma made only a few years later, after Optikotechna had been renamed Meopta.

The body of the camera is in fact almost identical to the Mikroma. It has the same curious sliding control at the back to advance the film, but (unlike the early Mikroma) has a separate shutter release button; this has an external thread for a cable release.

The lens is a Mirar 20 mm f/3.5, the same lens as on the Mikroma, but interchangeable[3] (presumably a C-mount cine lens). An example was sold at Westlicht with a Schneider 2.5 cm f/3 Kinoplan, with helical unit focusing down to 0.6 metre.[1] This is the standard lens used on the Schatz & Söhne Sola subminiature camera, for which several other Schneider lenses were available; it seems likely these would also fit the Mikronette.[4]


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