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Mihama was a brand of Japanese cameras, particularly 120 folding cameras, produced from 1952 until 1957. It was founded by Sugie Kichizō (杉江吉三, 1904-1982)[1] in a village called Mihama (三浜, in the province of Shizuoka). This probably explains the name of the company.

The name of the company changed twice during this period. At first it was Mihama Seikō (三浜精工株式会社). It became Suruga Seiki (駿河精機株式会社) in 1953 or 1954, and finally during 1956 or 1957 it changed to Mihama Camera (ミハマカメラ株式会社): most of the "Mihama" models were produced by Suruga Seiki.

Suruga Seiki closed its business in 1957, but the son of the Sugie Kichizo established Mihama Giken in 1985, which is still thriving today.[1]

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