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Built in the mid 1960s, by Marshal Optical Works, of Japan, the Marshal Press was a design direct from the brain of Mr. Seichi Mamiya. It is a medium format camera that can take either 120 / 220 film.

The design resembles a giant Mamiya Press camera and its coupled rangefinder. It also shows influences of the Mamiya TLRs with its rack and pinion focusing. It uses a permanently mounted 6x9 film back. The lens is a fixed Nikkor-Q 105mm F3.5 in Seikosha shutter. The shutter is not self-cocking, so it has to be set after each exposure. The lens is focused with a thumb wheel above the film back door of the camera. The focus distance is displayed in a window on the right of the body. Two lens converters were offered, giving a 135mm F4.7, or 150mm F5.6.


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