Mamiyaflex Automat BII

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The Mamiyaflex Automat BII is a 6x6 TLR, released in 1956. The camera uses 120-format film. It features fixed Sekor 75mm lenses, a Seikosha Rapid leaf shutter, exposure counter, double-exposure prevention, a viewfinder with retractable magnifying glass, and shutter safety catch.

The winding knob doubles as a film indicator dial. The photographer can manually set the dial to record the type of film that is loaded. The dial has markings for "PANCHRO", "H.S.PAN", "ORTHO", "COLOUR", "INFRARED", and "EMPTY". This indicator is uncoupled from the lens shutter and aperture.

An additional film indicator is at the back of the camera. What might be mistaken for a red window is actually a spring-loaded tab on the inside of the camera back panel. When it is loaded with film, a yellow indicator is visible from the outside of the camera. The indicator is darkened when the camera is empty or when the film has been entirely wound on the take-up spool.

The focus knob also has an indicator dial. This dial records the film speed and has markings from ASA 8 to 200 (DIN 10 to 24). Like the film indicator dial, this dial is uncoupled from the lens shutter and aperture.