Mamiya Prismat PH

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The Prismat model PH or PCA Prismat V-90 is a behind-the-lens leaf shutter SLR from Mamiya with a proprietary mount, allowing optional 38mm or 100mm lenses to replace the standard 48mm f/1.9 Mamiya/Sekor.

A match-needle indicator is visible in the viewfinder, and film ASA sensitivity is set on a small front-facing dial. The leaf shutter permits speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec. to be selected. The camera offers an instant-return mirror and a semi-automatic diaphragm (it stops down to the chosen f-stop as the shutter is released, but only reopens to the brightest viewing aperture after winding).

The selenium meter of the Prismat PH would be replaced by a CdS cell in the followup Prismat CPH.