Mamiya Elca

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The Elca is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera made by Mamiya in 1958. It is notable as the first Japanese camera to have match-needle metering,[1] using a selenium meter cell, presumably made for Mamiya by Sekonic, which can accept Sekonic's booster cell to extend its usefulness to low light, as pictured here. The meter readout window is to the right of the accessory shoe.

The camera has a coated Mamiya-Sekor 5 cm f/2.8 lens, focusing to 3.5 feet, and a Copal shutter with speeds 1 - 1/500 second, plus 'B'; these are set on the second lens-ring. The shutter is synchronised, with a PC socket on the left of the lens barrel.

The shutter release is the wedge-shaped button on the front right of the body, with a cable release socket above it. There is a delayed-action timer on the shutter barrel. Film advance is by a lever, and there is a folding crank for rewind.


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