Mamiya EE Merit

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The EE Merit was a 1962 shutter priority autoexposure camera made by Mamiya. The camera only carries the name Mamiya EE, while the manual and packaging may indicate "Mamiya EE11 35." This is a zone focus model with an f/2.8 Mamiya-Kominar 40mm lens. Around the lens was a ring-shaped selenium photocell—located within the filter threads to compensate automatically for the light-loss when filters were used.

Mamiya also provided this camera for other distributors to sell under their own names. It appeared as the Mansfield Eye-Tronic 35, Vulcan EE (for Dixons) and as the Honeywell Electric Eye.

Mamiya made a variant of this same camera offering true rangefinder focusing, the Mamiya EE Super Merit.