Mamiya C22

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The Mamiya C22 was released in 1966 as part of the Mamiya C series of interchangeable lens medium format TLR cameras. It is an improved version of the Mamiyaflex C2, but was also known as a simplified version of the C33. It was replaced by the Mamiya C220 in 1968.

It continued to use a knob advance, but an optional crank was also available. Compared to the C2, the advance was redesigned without the need for a release button and the film speed reminder is no longer part of the knob advance dial. The film counter is still on the left side but has a larger window and has moved towards the front part of the body. The lens lock knob has also moved to the right side of the body. Leatherette was not used for the covering. Instead a proprietary Mamiya covering is used with a tiny raised letter 'M'.

There is a red window with a cover on the 120 film back, since this is a automatic camera aligning the backing paper in the window is unnecessary. The window is only used to check the presence of film. It was primary designed for 120 film, since the back is removable, 220 film back versions were also available. It is also compatible with the single exposure sheet film holder.

There are lens scales on both sides of the bellows. The right side has 65mm and 80mm. The left side has other lens scales, but the focal lengths tend to differ depending on when it was manufactured and if other plates were installed.