Mamiya Automatic 35 EEF

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The Automatic 35 EEF is a 35 mm camera made by Mamiya in 1961.[1] It was the first Japanese camera to have a built-in flash,[1] specifically a reflector for flash bulbs, beside the lens.

This model is more often encountered in its derivatives marketed by Sears. The Tower 39 is the same camera; while version with a rangefinder was made specially for Sears (Mamiya did not sell it under their own name) as the Tower 41. On the original Mamiya version the triangle badge has a Mamiya logo in red, and "Automatic 35" below it. "EEF" does not appear on the camera itself.

The lens is a Mamiya Kominar 45 mm f/3.8, a simple triplet, with front-element focusing to 0.9 meter. The focus scale has both distances and zone-focusing markings ('scenes', 'groups', etc.). The camera has a brightline viewfinder, with parallax-correction markings for close focus.

The Seiko in-lens shutter gives speed settings 'FL' (flash at 1/40 second), 1/60, 'BL' (backlight; 1/100 second) and 1/250 second. The shutter is cocked automatically by advancing the film, preventing double-exposure. The aperture is controlled automatically by the selenium meter, or can be manually set. The camera requires two AA batteries.

Henry Gambino indicates a slightly restyled variant of the 35EEF was also offered under Argus branding circa 1962 as the Argus Auto 35mm.[2]


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