Mamiya Automatic 35 EEF

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The Automatic 35 EEF is a 35 mm camera made by Mamiya in 1961.

It was the first Japanese camera to have a built-in flash;this is a reflector for flash bulbs, beside the lens.

The lens is a Mamiya Kominar 45 mm f/3.8, a simple triplet, with front-element focusing to 0.9 metre. The focus scale has both distances and zone-focusing markings ('scenes', 'groups', etc.). The camera has a brightline viewfinder, with parallax-correction markings for close focus.

The Seiko in-lens shutter gives speed settings 'FL' (flash at 1/40 second), 1/60, 'BL' (backlight; 1/100 second) and 1/250 second.The shutter is cocked automatically by advancing the film, preventing double-exposure. The aperture is controlled automatically by the selenium meter, or can be manually set.

The camera requires two AA batteries.

Sears sold the Automatic 35 EEF, as their Tower 39, and a version with a rangefinder was made specially for Sears (Mamiya did not sell it under their own name) as the Tower 41.