Mamiya Auto X-1000

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The Mamiya Auto X-1000 was introduced in 1975, intended as the successor to the Mamiya/Sekor Auto XTL (the Sekor name was dropped). Similar in most functions to the XTL, the Auto X-1000 also provided exposure warnings in the finder. Where the XTL was generally black-and-chrome, the X-1000 featured an all-black finish, and had no leather insert on the prism cover. It also had no motor-drive connection. It used one (1) MS-76 or equivalent battery. Like the XTL, it was designed to use Mamiya ES series bayonet-mount lenses, but the lens barrels of lens made specifically for the X-1000 were covered with a checkerboard-pattern sleeve instead of the fluted and tapered barrel of the Auto XTL.

A remarkably-made piece of equipment, the Mamiya Auto X-1000, in good condition, is a rare find today, since production was limited to just one year.