Leonar Model C III

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The Leonar Model C III, also called Propaganda Leonar 6x9 is folding plate camera, format 6x9 cm, produced by the German company Leonar-Werke Arndt & Löwengard in Wandsbek near Hamburg c.1914.

An May 1914 article describes it as being a cheaper camera aimed at the younger amateur photographers [1].

The lens shown on the drawing is a Leonar Werke Acromat[2] in a Leonar everset leaf shutter with I (impuls) and B and T settings.


  1. Article "Fotografische Nieuwigheden" (Photography News) as published in the May 1914 issue of the Dutch photography magazine "Lux"
  2. Maybe typo on the drawing and it should be Achromat.