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The Q-M100 is a digital camera released by Konica in 1997 with a price of 99,800 yen.

Upon release, it was one of the earlier compact cameras that features a 1 megapixel CCD sensor. At the time megapixel digital cameras tend to be bulkier DSLRs. Images are recorded in JPEG which in super fine and fine modes produces images of 1152 x 872. Economy mode produced images in 576 × 436. The lens is a fixed 6mm (39mm equiv) with apertures f/11 to f/2.8. While there is no optical zoom, there is a 2x digital zoom. It is able to focus at a minimum distance of 20cm. The shutter can be as fast as 1/500 of a sec. A built-in flash is provided, which has several modes such as auto, red-eye, fill flash and off modes. Exposure compensation is available with a range of -2 to +2 EV with 1/2 steps.

A viewfinder is available as well as a 1.8 inch colour LCD display. Images are stored on CompactFlash media, with a 4MB card often provided. It is powered by 4x AA batteries. It was available in either silver or gold. There is also a video/AV output feature, to show still images on a TV monitor. A serial computer connection was provided, requiring Konica's own TWAIN driver software.

An external mains power supply was available for the Q-M100V, named QM-AC4. The Q-M100V seems to be a restyled Q-M100, released in 1998; the press release claimed improved quality for this new model[1].



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