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The EU-Mini is a very small point and shoot compact camera introduced by Konica in 1993. It has a fixed focus 28mm lens which is wide, but not particularly sharp. It was described by Konica as "a stylish, easy-to-use camera for those who want to make a statement. Available in three colors, this camera draws attention not only to the crisp, perfectly exposed photographs it takes, but also to the photographer.[1]

In addition to the three basic colors, black red and blue (silver was later added as a base-model), there are several collectible limited edition models, such as yellow, gold, and stars & stripes.

What is somewhat unique to the EU-mini is that it could be batch-ordered in custom colors. This was popularly done by companies, football clubs (such as FC Bayern E.V.), events, etc. A notable case of this is the today very rare edition that was made for the commemoration of the handover of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China in 1997 (U-mini model). Since custom models could be batch ordered, it is hard to determine just how many limited edition models there are in existence, but relatively few are currently in circulation.

Although slightly more rare, the EU-mini also comes in an auto-date model, both in the basic models as well as the limited editions.

The camera is also known as the U-mini (America), K-mini, and K88/K88R (China).


  • Fixed focus auto-exposure Compact camera using 35mm film.
  • Lens: Konica 28mm f/6.7 3 groups, 3 elements. Closest focus: 90cm.
  • Shutter: Three speeds: 1/60-1/180s (1/60 during flash discharge) electronically programmed shutter, serves as lens diaphragm.
  • Exposure: Fully automatic with film speeds of 100-400 ISO (DX coded).
  • Film advance: Motordrive and rewind.
  • Viewfinder: Reversed Galilean; magnification ratio 0.45.
  • Features: Switches on when lens cover is slid open.
  • Dimensions: 110×61×32.5mm
  • Weight: 135g (without battery).
  • Battery: 1x CR123A

Available in black, bright red or blue.


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