Konica EE-Matic

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The Konica EE-Matic is a rangefinder camera with selenium meter controlled exposure. As was common at the time, the built-in meter was called an "electric eye" and contributes to the "EE" in the name of the camera. The selenium meter surrounds the lens opening, within the filter thread, and controls the automatic shutter-speed/aperture setting. A red indicator appears in the viewfinder and the shutter will not fire if there is insufficient light. The red indicator also appears when there is too much light for the film and available shutter speed/aperture combinations. The camera also provides a PC socket to trigger flash units; in this case the camera is set to the guide number of the flash and the shutter fires at 1/30th second.

The Konica EE-Matic was also sold by the Montgomery Ward department stores chain, rebranded as the Wards XP500.

A mildly upgraded version of this camera was called the Konica EE-Matic S. This camera featured improvements to the film loading mechanism and a few minor cosmetic changes, but is otherwise identical to the EE-Matic. The EE-Matic S was also sold by Montgomery Ward, rebranded as the Wards XP500a.