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Kobayashi Seiki Seisakusho (小林精機製作所, meaning Kobayashi Precision Works) was a Japanese company, which made cine cameras, bellows and accessories sold under the Kopil brand.[1] It sometimes used a K.S.S logo.[2]

A company called Kobayashi Seiki still exists today (2009), founded as "Kobayashi Seiki Seisakusho" (小林精機製作所) in October 1953 in the city of Morioka.[3] It is probably not the same as that described above, which was certainly already active before 1953.


Bellows units

  • Kopil Folding Bellowscope, single folding rail, in various mounts (shows patent number 472839)
  • name variants of the Kopil Folding Bellowscope:
    • Alpex Bellox Jr, in various mounts
    • Miranda Bellox Jr, in Miranda bayonet mount
    • Asahi Bellowscope, in 42mm screw mount
    • Asahi Bellows Unit, in 42mm screw mount
    • Asahi Pentax Bellows Unit, in 42mm screw mount
    • Minolta Extension Bellows Model 1, in Minolta SR mount
  • Kopil Bellowsmat, single rail, with movements, in various mounts
  • Kopil Duo-Track Bellowscope, dual rail, in various mounts


  • Kopil Mod.III rangefinder (c.1955)[4]

Exposure meters

  • Kopil CdS TTL meter, in various mounts
  • Kopil shoe-mounted exposure meter

Other camera accessories

  • Kopil self-timers (at least one model was also sold by Ōmiya under the Hansa brand)[5]


  • Kopil cine cameras


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