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The Kiko Flex (キコーフレックス) is a Japanese 6×6 TLR, made by Kigawa Seimitsu and distributed by Kikō Shōji in 1943.[1]


The Kiko Flex is a copy of the 1936 Rolleicord models. The focusing is done by moving the front plate back and forth. The film advance is probably semi-automatic. The focusing and film advance knobs are on the photographer's right, and there is a round window at the top of the right-hand side plate, certainly for an exposure counter. The focusing knob is surrounded by a depth-of-field plate. There is a button underneath, which is certainly the shutter release. It seems that there is a lever on the right-hand side of the viewing hood, perhaps releasing a mirror for eye-level reflex viewing.

The nameplate is shaped like the nameplate of the early Rolleicord and is inscribed KIKO FLEX in capital letters.

Advertisements and other documents

The Kiko Flex was offered for ¥305 in an advertisement dated July 1943.[2] The lens was announced as an Erinar 75/3.5 and the shutter as a Kikō Compur[3] giving 1–300 speeds.

The camera was also mentioned in the "Kokusan shashinki no genjōchōsa" ("Inquiry into Japanese cameras"), listing the Japanese camera production as of April 1943.[4] This time the lens was given as a three-element Kiko (キコー) 75/3.5 made by Kigawa and the shutter as a Comex (コメックス) giving T, B, 1–300 speeds, made by an unknown manufacturer.[5]

It seems that no surviving example has surfaced yet.


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The Kiko Flex is not listed in Sugiyama.