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Kikōdō (暿光堂) was a Japanese distributor based in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, which was already active in 1932.[1]

In 1934, the company asked Umemoto Kinzaburō (梅本金三郎) to set up a camera plant, that would become Umemoto Seisakusho, founded in 1935.[2] It sold the cameras made by Umemoto until the war.

Kikōdō distributed other cameras as well: in 1935 it was selling Super, Kinka and Peter cameras.[3] It was probably the owner of the brand "Super". In 1939 it was using a KIKODO TOKYO logo.[4]

Kikōdō survived the war but it became a retailer only and ceased to distribute cameras under its own brand.[5]


Cameras distributed

Cameras sold as authorized dealer


  • Super accessory rangefinder (sold ¥15 in 1937)[6]


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