Kershaw 450

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The Kershaw 450 is a 120 film folding camera built from around 1956 by Kershaw-Soho in Leeds, UK. The 450 is an enhanced version of the Kershaw 110, adding a larger, focusing lens, and an iris. The body itself has a few extras including fold out spool holders, a red window cover, cable release socket and a shutter release on the right edge of the folding door, this can be a little tricky to spot at first as it is designed to blend in.

  • Film Type: 120 Roll - 6x6cm square format
  • Lens: Otar Anastigmat 80mm f/4.5 - Three element triplet
  • Shutter: Vario or Velio both quaintly marked "German Shutter"
  • Shutter speeds: Bulb, 1/25, 1/75, 1/200th for Vario shutter
  • Shutter speeds: Bulb, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200th for Velio shutter
  • Flash: PC socket, Flashbulb sync at 1/25th, untested with electronic flash
  • Focus areas: 4.5 feet to Infinity
  • Filters: 32mm press on, Kodak 320 type filters work well
  • Double exposure prevention: No

The Kershaw 630 is similar to the 450, but with a lower specification lens & shutter.