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Kōryōsha (向陵舎 or 向凌舎)[1] was a Japanese company, which made the Baby Uirus 3×4cm camera from 1938, and its successor perhaps called "Baby New Yurisu" until c.1943. One source gives the name of the company as "Takinogawa Kōryōsha" (滝の川向陵舎). Takinogawa (written 滝野川) is a ward of Tokyo, and it is not entirely clear if the word was an actual part of the company name, or merely the place where it was located.


  1. The name is written 向陵舎 in the column in Asahi Camera September 1938, p.547, and 向凌舎 in the "Kokusan shashinki no genjōchōsa" ("Inquiry into Japanese cameras"), item 154, differing by the middle character (pronounced the same), perhaps by mistake.


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