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The Jolly is a simple camera for twelve 10x15mm pictures, made in about 1950 by a Munich company named Kamera Werkstätten (at least, contemporary advertising gives this name), unrelated to KW (Kamera Werkstätten Guthe & Thorsch) in Dresden.[1] No other cameras by this company are known. The Jolly has an unidentified, uncoated lens, and an 'I' and 'B' shutter. The film is advanced with a winding knob on the left of the top housing, with frame numbers engraved on the knob in an irregular sequence to give a crude frame-counter. It has a reverse-Galilean viewfinder. McKeown states that the camera was available with black, red or blue leatherette; black and red examples have been seen at Westlicht.[2][3]


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