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Jobo is a well known darkroom and film processing equipment manufacture founded in 1923 in Derschlag, Gummersbach, Germany, and currently the only company producing a table top film processor, along with a comprehensive line of supporting products. In 2012, Jobo released the CPP3, the first newly designed film processor released by any company in the world for more than 10 years. And in 2016 a new one the CPE-3


The name of the company was derived of the founders name, Mr. Johannes Bockemuhl to form JoBo. Originally, the name was to be Jobod (the D standing for Derschlag, Germany), however a conflict due to its resemblance to the already branded Robot company meant the D had to be dropped and the name was changed to Jobo.


  • Jobo ATL-1000
  • Jobo ATL-1500 (c 1998)
  • Jobo ATL-2 (c 1987)
  • Jobo ATL-3 (c 1987)
  • Jobo ATL 2200 (c 1998)
  • Jobo ATL 2300 (c 1998)
  • Jobo ATL 2500 (c 1998)
  • Jobo CPA2
  • Jobo CPE2
  • Jobo CPP2
  • Jobo CPP3 (2012)
  • Jobo CPE-3 (2016)
  • Jobo TBE (Tempering bath only)