Impossible I-1

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The I-1 is a auto focus instant camera made by Impossible and released in Spring 2016.

The camera can uses two types of film, the I-type that don't contain a battery as well as classic Polaroids 600 type instant integral films with a battery. The base of the camera is the film compartment which is similar to the unit from Impossible's instant film printer the Instant Lab. The body of the camera is a unusual pyramid shape, while the front has a large ring flash. The flash has a total of twelve LEDs with four of them being used for close up. The lens uses a IR based five zone auto focus system. There are three main focusing ranges 1-2.2m, 2.2-4.5 and 4.5-inf. A close-up mode of 0.5-1m and a macro mode of 0.3-0.5m is also available. Instead of moving the whole lens or separate elements back and forth, the camera utilises a revolving type focusing with several lenses on a cogged wheel behind the front lens. The right hand side of the camera has a control knob. Turning the outer ring of the knob counter clockwise will power on the camera. This is indicated by a solid line on the knob. A solid circle is indicated. Within the control knob is the shutter release, pressing the release half way will focus the lens and fully to release. To power off, turn clock wise to the empty circle, thus breaking the line. The right hand side of the lens barrel has a exposure switch to lighten (+) or darken (-) the image. The left hand side of the lens barrel can enable (up position) or disable flash (down position). A battery test function is available. To use with the camera powered off, press and hold the shutter release. Up to 8 LEDs on the ring flash will light indicating the power level. The camera is powered by a 500 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which uses a micro USB to charge. It last approx 20 packs of film. There is a tripod socket on the base.

While the camera is a fully automatic exposure design, it can also connect via Bluetooth to a Apple iPhone iOS mobile in order to enable more advanced control functions. These functions include, remote trigger, noise trigger, self-timer with options of a 5, 10 or 20 second delay, double exposure, light painting, color paint, and scanning. There is a manual mode with additional controls for flash (medium, strong, soft and off), focus, aperture and shutter speeds. There is a under and over exposure display that takes the measurements from the cameras light meter. A three segment battery level meter, and exposure counter. The app also has logs of each photo taken with details such as date, aperture, shutter, EV, flash and focal length.