Iloca Quick

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A series of 35mm cameras from Iloca carried the name Quick. The original Quick was available with either a Ilitar (styled "Jlitar") 45mm f/3.5 lens in a Vario shutter, or Ilitar 45mm f/2.9 lens in a Prontor SV or Prontor S shutter.[1] Some models have the viewfinder centred on the top plate, with the accessory shoe on top, others have the shoe behind the shutter release and the viewfinder beside the rewind knob.

The back latch is unusual. The back is removed by lifting the rewind knob, and rotating it clockwise whilst pulling gently; at some point the knob rises to its fullest extent, and then pivots the side of the body, allowing the back to open. The opposite side also pivots, against a spring.

Only the Iloca Quick B had a coupled rangefinder, the others were scale focusing. A Quick A, Quick L, and Quick R were made; as well as a model branded Reporter for the Kaufhof department-store chain.


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