Hologon Ultrawide

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The Hologon Ultrawide is a 35mm viewfinder camera made by Zeiss Ikon in about 1971.[1] The camera has a fixed ultra-wide angle lens, the Carl Zeiss 15mm f/8 Hologon for which it is named.[2] This has fixed focus and fixed aperture, giving a 110-degree angle of view. It requires a centre filter, to correct the fall-off in illumination toward the edges of the image. The camera has shutter speeds, set on a dial under the film advance lever, between 1 and 1/500 second, plus 'B'. There is a large galilean viewfinder in the centre of the top housing. On top of this there is a bubble level for front-rear levelling. The back and base of the camera detaches as an interchangeable film magazine.


  1. The camera and accessories are branded for Zeiss Ikon: the box, sold with one of the examples at Leitz Photographica Auction, is branded Zeiss Ikon/Voigtländer; at the time, Voigtländer, already controlled by Zeiss, had merged with the West-German Zeiss Ikon AG.
  2. The Hologon lens also exists as both 15mm and 16mm f/8 versions finished for the Leica M mount. These have focusing, but are not RF-coupled.


Examples offered for sale at the 41st Leitz Photographica Auction, in November 2022:

  • Hologon Ultrawide serial no. R97079, with two spare film magazines, centre filter, pistol grip and cases.
  • Hologon Ultrawide serial no. R97400, with centre filter, pistol grip and case.