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PhotoSmart Images

The Photosmart HP Digital Camera (part no. C5340A) was the first Hewlett-Packard consumer digital camera, introduced in 1997[1]. Being the first camera, it seems to have no name or number (except for the part number) other than the name of the system. It was manufactured in Japan by Konica who sold it as the Q-EZ. It was part of the PhotoSmart system, which also had a print and negative scanner and a photo printer - and associate image handling software. Images could be uploaded to a computer using a serial interface cable. There is a sliding cover on the left-hand end, revealing the mini-DIN socket for the serial cable and external power socket. The back has an LCD panel for settings and frame number display, and buttons to control flash mode, picture quality (compression level), deletion and self-timer. The top is plain except for the power switch and shutter-release. There is no way to view pictures on-camera - they must be uploaded to a computer.

The camera has a 640x480 pixel (VGA) resolution, and came with a 2Mb memory Photo Memory card (Intel Miniature Card) capable of storing 32 "normal" images - with ~20:1 compression, but only 16 in "fine" mode and only 4 in "superfine" mode (~2.5:1 compression). A 4Mb card was an option. It has a fixed f2.8 lens with autofocus, marked as having 37mm filter threads, but not with its focal length.

Power came from 4 AA batteries, or an external 6v power supply.