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HAFA was the brand name of the company Hatschek és Farkas; a Hungarian seller of photographic equipment, optics and radios in Budapest from 1933 to about 1944. Their address was 4 Károly Körut 28, Budapest. They sold cameras from several German makers including Agfa, Rodenstock, Eho-Altissa, Ihagee, Zeiss Ikon, Voigtländer, Plaubel, Rollei, Leica, Kodak AG and Certo.[1] Their cameras were often badged, or engraved, with the HAFA logo and were sometimes re-named; three examples are the Super Hafa (Certo Super Dollina), the Dollychrom (Certo Dollina II) and the Hafa Box (Eho-Altissa Box).


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