Graphic 35 Electric

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As Graflex attempted to expand from its traditional press camera market and into more popular cameras, one curious move was a 1959 rebadging of the Iloca Electric as the Graphic 35 Electric. This is an interchangeable-lens camera with rangefinder focusing and a built-in selenium meter—but with its chief selling point being its integral battery-powered winder. A pair of AA batteries was said to provide enough power for around 1000 exposures.

The viewfinder had bright framelines for 135mm and 50mm lenses (an f/1.9 Steinheil Quinon was an available normal lens) and the outer edges of the field of view correspond to the available 35mm Steinheil Culmigon. The other two available lenses were made by Rodenstock. The aperture scale is fixed on the camera body, so the marked f/1.9, 2.8, etc. are not available with slower lenses.

The Graphic 35 Electric was a large and expensive camera when set alongside its contemporaries, and is not often seen today. More information can be found in the wiki's Iloca Electric article.