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The Graflex XL is a medium format, modular press camera system from Graflex, introduced in 1965. It was the last camera designed by the company. In 1976 the production system was sold to the Dutch company Cambo which did produce it as the Cambo XL from 1979 till 1980[1].


There are three different camera bodies available. The most well known is the XL or XLRF with rangefinder focusing. This provides a parallax correcting finder with a 90% view with three frame markings. The outer portion for 80mm, the middle for 100mm and the inner portion for 180mm. XL Standard or XLS body is similar to the RF version but without range finder focusing. Optional finders can be attached if desired. The XL Super Wide or XLSW body is similar to the XLS without a built-in finder but the depth is decreased and designed to use the 47mm Schneider lens.


A variety of companies manufactured lenses for the system. Rodenstock, Zeiss, and Schneider lenses were made. Each lens contains a shutter, a majority of them were Synchro-Compur shutters with a maximum shutter speed of either 1/400 or 1/500 of a second.


The back of the camera can accept either the Polaroid instant pack film holder or a Graflok adapter. Film holders with Graflok back may then be attached. Roll film options include 120 film backs covering 6x9, 6x7, 6x6 and a 70mm film back (6x7) is also available. Sheet film in size 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" can also be used.



  • 47mm Schneider Super Angulon f/8 (XLSW) MXV-00 Synchro-Compur 1/500 shutter
  • 58mm Rodenstock Grandagon f/5.6 MXV-00 Synchro-Compur 1/500 shutter
  • 80mm Rodenstock Heliagon f/2.8 xl Compur 1/500 shutter
  • 80mm Zeiss Planar f/2.8 MX-1 Synchro-Compur 1/400 shutter
  • 95mm Rodenstock Ysarex f/3.5 MXV-0 Synchro-Compur 1/500 shutter
  • 95mm Rodenstock Heligon f/2.8 MX-1 Synchro-Compur 1/400 shutter
  • 100mm Zeiss Tessar f/3.5 MXV-0 Synchro-Compur 1/500 shutter
  • 100mm Zeiss Planar f/2.8 MX-1 Synchro-Compur 1/400 shutter
  • 150mm Rodenstock Ysarex f/4.5 xl Compur 1/400 shutter
  • 180mm Zeiss Sonnar f/4.8 MX-1 Synchro-Compur 1/400 shutter
  • 270mm Rodenstock Rotelar f/6.6 xl Compur 1/500 shutter

Lens accessories

  • Quick focus lever
  • Lens shade


  • Flash bracket
  • Focus panel ground glass
  • Focus panel fresnel
  • Focus panel grid
  • Grip left
  • Grip right
  • Graflok back
  • collapsible viewing hood



  • RH/8 - 120 film back 6x9
  • RH/10 - 120 film back 6x7
  • RH/12 - 120 film back 6x6
  • RH/20 - 220 film back 6x7
  • RH/50 - 70mm film back 6x7


  • Grafmatic 23 holder - 6x (2 1/4 x 3 1/4" sheet film)
  • Sheetfilm holder - 2x (2 1/4 x 3 1/4" sheet film)
  • Filmpack adapter - 16x (2 1/4 x 3 1/4" film pack)
  • Polaroid instant pack film holder (CB100 type 100 film)


  • Eye shield (XLRF)
  • Sport finder wide (XLSW)
  • -Mask Polaroid (XLSW)
  • Sport finder standard
  • -Mask RH/10, RH/20, RH/50 (6x7, 100mm and 180mm)
  • -Mask RH/12 (6x6, 58mm, 100mm and 180mm)
  • -Mask Polaroid (100mm and 180mm)


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